Katie P. Bennett

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Free Cake For Every Creature, 2012-2019


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"Around You" music video
"Be Home Soon" music video
katie, francis, heeyoon and pete at last free cake show
last show, May 2019
katie, francis, heeyoon and pete in amsterdam
Amsterdam, 2019
kb with guitar in backyard
free cake at the silent barn
the release show for our record “Talking Quietly of Anything With You,” The Silent Barn, Brooklyn, 2016
kb holding a copy of talking quietly in rough trade nyc
our records at Rough Trade in NYC!
kb and rose melberg singing
singing with Rose Melberg, 2015
free cake at house show in wv
house show in West Virginia, 2014
katie, francis, and colin during first free cake tour
first tour, 2014
kb recording in room
early recording set-up