Katie P. Bennett

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Introducing “Around You” – The Talkhouse, 2018

“We talked pulp artists, vintage Playboys, and Patsy Cline. She said if she ever shared her music, she’d go under the name “tumbleweed.” While drifting off to sleep, my ear against my mattress on the floor, I heard the distant melody of a song she was working on in her room beneath me.”

Making It Happen – Fvck the Media, 2014

“Luckily, more often than not on the June tour, I was surprised by the kindness of total strangers in helping us out- setting up a great show for us, giving us a place to sleep, feeding us, giving us the low-down on their towns. I met many selfless people who were passionate about DIY music and enthused about enriching their local scene. Their energy kept me positive and convinced me that what I was doing was important.”