Katie P. Bennett

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New Wave Club, 2020

The New Wave Club is a long essay about isolation, obsession, and the complications of friendship between teenage girls. The narrative is centered around my sophomore year of high school, when I attended a tiny Christian boarding school and became roommates with an alluring new student.

40 pages, screen-printed cardstock cover, two photos, text printed on speckletone paper

Creative Enemies & Champions, 2020

In Creative Enemies & Champions, I expand on two exercises featured in the famous guidebook The Artist’s Way: write about moments with your creative enemies & write about moments with your creative champions. The juxtaposition of these painful and celebratory moments creates a narrative about artistic aspiration and tenacity, the evolution of a person’s creativity, and personal mythology.

28 pages, cardstock cover, text printed on speckletone paper, three photos and two childhood poems

Jesters In King City, 2019

Jesters in King City is an essay about power and freedom, structured around a month-long DIY tour of the US I went on with my band when I was twenty-two. I write about trying to project a Kerouacian travel narrative on my experience, the dynamics of being the only girl in a band of guys, and the strange night we spent in King City, CA while our van was broken down. Jesters in King City draws inspiration from Cindy Crabb’s Doris zines and tour diaries, and Ulli Lust’s graphic novel Today is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life.

28 pages, screen-printed cardstock cover, two illustrations risographed in gold and blue, text risographed in black on speckletone paper